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CaSE responds to the publication of papers on the progress of the UK’s exit from the EU

15 Nov 2018

CaSE has responded to last night’s publication of papers on the progress of the UK’s exit from the European Union by the UK Government.

Commenting, CaSE Deputy Director Naomi Weir said: 

“The content of the draft agreement, along with its presentation and reception in Parliament, has so far been highly political, as perhaps expected. To successfully move beyond this critical point and result in an outcome that is desirable for science and engineering, the next layer of detail and decisions must be thoroughly informed by evidence, research and expertise. From accessing the technical expertise required to inform regulations and standards in different sectors, to being willing to design agreements, systems and policy informed by modelling of trade, services or people flows between nations and across borders, the UK Government must ensure its next steps are informed by evidence and not by fake news.”

Contact the Campaign for Science and Engineering for further details; 020 7679 4994. 



From the draft withdrawal agreement of particular interest for science & engineering:  

  • “by derogation from Article 127(6), the United Kingdom shall be considered as a third country for the purposes of the implementation of the Union programmes and activities committed under the multiannual financial framework applying as from the year 2021;”
  • “Union citizens and United Kingdom nationals, and their respective family members, who have resided legally in the host State in accordance with Union law for a continuous period of 5 years or for the period specified in Article 17 of Directive 2004/38/EC, shall have the right to reside permanently in the host State under the conditions set out in Articles 16, 17 and 18 of Directive 2004/38/EC.”

From the Political Declaration of particular interest for science & engineering:    

  • “Basis for cooperation – Terms for the United Kingdom’s participation in Union programmes, subject to the conditions set out in the corresponding Union instruments, such as in science and innovation, culture and education, development, defence capabilities, civil protection and space.” 
  • “Other aspects of mobility, based on non-discrimination between the Union’s Member States and reciprocity, including visa-free travel for short-term visits.”
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