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CaSE response to the announcement of the Science and Technology Framework

06 Mar 2023

Today the Government announced its Science and Technology Framework which highlights 10 actions it will centre on. CaSE responds to the announcement.

Prof Sarah Main, Executive Director, Campaign for Science and Engineering

“The Science and Technology Framework is an important piece of work, informed by the R&D community, that sets out how Government can achieve a step change in UK prosperity and wellbeing through science and technology. That same R&D community are as one in calling for the UK to associate to European research programmes. Yet the Government have struck a notably lukewarm tone in recent days as barriers to association have been lifted.

“Association to Horizon Europe will accelerate achievement of the 10 priorities the Government has set today. It does not preclude an ambitious global position for the UK in research and innovation, but in fact enhances and enables it. So I encourage the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State to leave aside reticence and to use the coordinating power of the new Department to expedite agreement on UK’s research relationship with Europe that will underpin the global success of the Framework they have published today.”