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Election 2019 – CaSE publishes a manifesto for science and engineering

06 Nov 2019

With an election taking place on December 12th, CaSE has called on all political parties to make key commitments to support science and engineering

A manifesto for science and engineering

Science and engineering are essential to solving challenges facing Government and citizens and to creating highly skilled jobs across the UK. Reaching net-zero carbon emissions, developing innovative new health treatments, new electric vehicles, supporting an ageing population to work for longer, and more, all require research and innovation.

Commenting on the manifesto CaSE Executive Director, Dr Sarah Main said:

“If elected, the parties seeking your vote will face challenges that require science and engineering to solve: from reaching net-zero carbon emissions, to creating high skilled jobs and supporting people to live and work longer. 

The UK has world-leading strength in scientific research and innovation that can help deliver benefits for all of us. But Government action is needed to make these benefits a reality.

CaSE calls on all parties to commit to support science and engineering through investment, international partnership and people.”

CaSE calls on all political parties to make the following commitments to support science and engineering:

1. A long-term plan to reach 3% of GDP invested in R&D by the end of the next decade, with planned annual increases for public investment in R&D

Global businesses cite the UK’s strong academic base as a reason for investing in R&D in the UK. Members have told CaSE that leadership and long-term R&D investment from Government enables them to plan and gives industry confidence to keep on investing in R&D.

2. Make the UK a partner of choice for international collaborations, including with the EU

The evidence shows that international collaboration makes science stronger and leads to higher quality research. The best route to that collaboration in Europe is full participation in EU research programmes. Therefore, the UK must secure full participation in Horizon Europe when it begins in 2021.

3. An immigration system that works for Science and Engineering

For research-intensive organisations and professionals, movement of labour is not just necessary but is greatly beneficial. Movement of people, and therefore of ideas, has been shown to enhance the quality of scientific research outputs in the UK.

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