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Long term thinking is vital for a stable R&D future

In response to the latest mini budget, delivered by the new Chancellor Jeremy Hunt, which has suggested cuts to public sector are likely in the near future.

CaSE Executive Director, Professor Sarah Main, said:

“In turbulent times it is vital that long term thinking doesn’t fall by the wayside. Research and innovation is the seed corn for prosperity. Further, innovation in public services and the market can transform support for the vulnerable people that the Government wishes to protect.

“Research and innovation capability is not a tap you can turn on and off at will. History has shown that withdrawal of investment from areas of science has set the UK back for a generation, taking decades to rebuild national capability and talent.

“Stability of intent, supported by sustained investment, is vital to help research and innovation thrive in a way that improves people’s lives and livelihoods. The UK must demonstrate that it is, and will remain, a global hub for research and innovation and an attractive place to perform and invest in R&D.”