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About the Discovery Decade

CaSE’s Discovery Decade project is helping R&D advocates to connect with a broader group of public supporters.

There is political interest in boosting R&D investment, but betting big on R&D will mean competing against other worthy priorities. Those advocating for R&D have a responsibility to engage with the public on the societal value of this once-in-a-generation decision.

We are working with partners across the R&D sector to understand public opinions towards R&D investment, and use this data to develop a clear and compelling rationale for choosing R&D.

The Discovery Decade project is funded by a grant from the Wellcome Trust.

Our three priorities


Comprehensively researching public attitudes to R&D, covering all disciplines, R&D sectors and parts of the UK. Read more about the results from our polling of 18,000 people and our 14 focus groups.


Prototyping language and themes that will resonate with new supporters and building a clearer identity for R&D in public life.


Promoting practical ideas and supporting those advocating for R&D to maximise their impact

Discovery Decade Team

Dr Ben Bleasdale
Director of the Discovery Decade
Dr Rebecca Hill
Advocacy and Engagement Manager, Discovery Decade
Lynne Milford
Campaigns and Public Affairs Manager

Discovery Decade Advisory Board

Kim Shillinglaw
Chair of the Discovery Decade project
Luke Tryl
UK Director, More in Common
Dr Stephen Breslin
Chief Executive Officer of the Glasgow Science Centre
Beth Thompson
Chief Strategy Officer, Wellcome Trust
Kerry O’Callaghan
Corporate Brand & Marketing Consultant
Dan Metcalfe
Director of Marketing and Communications, Harwell Campus

History of the Discovery Decade project

The Discovery Decade project grew from a collaborative project between CaSE and the Wellcome Trust, learn more about that work here.

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Public opinions towards R&D

Explore our work into public attitudes and read our analysis of our major public poll.

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