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Building Effective Campaigns

Building effective R&D campaigns relies on a strong, evidence-based messaging strategy and thorough understanding of both our audiences and our sector’s strengths

CaSE’s Discovery Decade programme aims to build broader and long-lasting public support behind R&D.

Our team is taking the findings of our major study of public attitudes to R&D and seeking to turn these from theory into practice.

To help do just that, we are creating advice and tools for everyone across the sector and are developing a series of innovative campaign prototypes and activities that create a compelling identity for R&D in public life.

The need for action

We believe that if R&D matters to more people we can radically transform our advocacy with the public as partners in making our case to politicians.

Politicians would see the research sector as one with broad and sustained public appeal, demonstrating its relevance to changing political priorities, and one with a clear set of language for describing its benefits to people.

From the public’s perspective, our sector would feel more human and more local, positioning itself as an essential tool for delivering whatever vision each person holds for society’s future.

However, we are not there yet: the sector needs to build a more consistent and coherent image for itself, and our Discovery Decade project is seeking to support that change. We are grateful to advocates across the sector for engaging with this conversation.

How to

Read our evidence-led advice and guidance to help build effective and memorable R&D campaigns

Advocacy Toolkit

Our toolkit brings together our guidance – developed using the insights from our extensive public attitudes research – for engaging different audiences.

Guide for Engaging the Public

Jump straight to our guide for engaging the public about R&D in meaningful and relevant ways

Guide for Engaging Politicians

Jump straight to our guidance for talking to decision makers about the public’s attitudes to R&D

In action

Find out what the sector has been doing so far, and how CaSE and the organisations we work with have been putting these findings into practice

Collating Best Practice

We’ve worked with experts across policy, advocacy and public engagement and communications to gather best practice and are building this into our advice

Place-based Messaging Strategies

We are working to translate the findings of our audience research into practice through a series of place-based workshops

General Election

We are integrating our findings into the sector’s wider work ahead of the General Election to help the R&D sector make a clear and compelling case for R&D