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People's Vision for R&D: Expert Group

CaSE’s Discovery Decade project is seeking to drive a behaviour change in how the sector advocates for R&D. To support this, we are carrying out a public dialogue exercise to strengthen our public attitudes research, which will explore society’s stake in UK research. The project is being delivered by the National Centre for Social Research and the National Centre for Coordinating Public Engagement.

We are grateful that in addition to the project delivery team, we are being advised by an Expert Group with significant experience of public involvement and engagement and deliberative dialogue processes. This group is offering independent advice and feedback on various aspects of the project, but the responsibility of any outputs remains with the CaSE and project delivery team.

Mags Bradbury
Head of Social Responsibility & Civic Engagement, Office for Social Responsibility, University of Manchester
Ruth Freeman
Director of Science for Society, Science Foundation Ireland
Nicola Gilzeane
Engagement Manager, Health Research Authority
Clio Heslop
Head of Policy, Partnerships and Impact, British Science Association
Philippa Lang
Programme Manager, Public Engagement & UKRI Sciencewise lead, UKRI
Holly Rogers
Head of Engagement, Academy of Medical Sciences