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Discovery Decade: What do the public think about universities’ role in the UK’s R&D system?

18 Apr 2023

CaSE is hosting a webinar to discuss the findings from its Discovery Decade programme’s major public attitudes research that are most relevant to the higher education sector.

We will discuss:

The Discovery Decade project and research

  • Objectives and background
  • Key findings from our major public attitudes survey, which took in the views of more than 18,000 people
  • Attitudes specific to universities, including their place in the UK’s R&D system and their role as messengers
  • Awareness of regional and local R&D and opportunities to connect with the public through place
  • Demographic trends and segmentation of audiences to better understand how to reach different groups
  • Next steps of the Discovery Decade work and how universities can get involved

Implications for universities

  • How can those working in different roles across universities use these findings to inform their work?
  • Which messages, messengers and connection points can universities capitalise on to engage different audiences in new and exciting ways?

There will be a significant portion of the event dedicated to Q&A and discussion, and we would love to hear participants’ ideas and interpretations of the data.


22 May 2023
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Zoom Webinar

Hear from:

Ben Bleasdale

Director, Discovery Decade

Rebecca Hill

Advocacy and Engagement Officer, Discovery Decade

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