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New CaSE Briefing on UK Skilled Immigration

19 Mar 2024

CaSE Immigration Briefing: International talent is crucial if the UK is to achieve its research intensity ambitions

The Campaign for Science and Engineering (CaSE) have published a new briefing on the UK immigration and visas system. The UK needs a competitive immigration policy that attracts international R&D talent, to meet its ambitions for a research-intensive economy, and to support universities.

CaSE Immigration Briefing – March 2024

Read the full briefing

In the briefing, CaSE calls on all parties to commit to:

Reduce the upfront cost of UK visas
Clarify eligibility for the Global Talent Visa
Increase visa flexibility
Support businesses to navigate the visa system
De-risk visa sponsorship for organisations
Mitigate the impact of visa changes on students and universities

Over the last year the UK immigration and visa system has seen changes that have increased upfront costs and restricted eligibility criteria for overseas workers and their dependents. CaSE have looked closely at why the UK needs to attract global talent, the detail of the changes, and the impact they are having or are anticipated to have on the R&D sector.

“Big increases in visa costs and restrictive immigration rules do nothing to help us achieve our collective ambitions for UK R&D, and are totally counterproductive to the UK Government’s ambitions of being a science and technology superpower. If we want to carry out the best science, we need the best talent the world has to offer.

“Despite what the Secretary of State has said, UK universities are seeing real difficulties with funding, made worse by added restrictions on recruitment of international students. Even if we see no change to immigration policy, as a cornerstone of the UK R&D sector, it is vital at universities are provided the support they need to thrive.

“It is not too late to change course, CaSE calls on all parties to commit to policies that produce a healthier and more productive immigration system for UK R&D.”

Dr Daniel Rathbone
Interim Executive Director, CaSE