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CaSE's Guide to R&D on the Doorstep

Research and Development is helping solve the problems facing people in your area, across the UK and around the world

Investing in R&D creates new jobs and future industries, new educational opportunities, and the economic growth that will pay for our local and public services and strengthen our communities.  

People across the UK believe R&D is vital to tackling climate change, the quality of the NHS and the cost of living – and they want to see politicians pay more attention to it.

Parliamentary candidates can harness this appetite by championing R&D during the election campaign and into the next Parliament. 

The Campaign for Science and Engineering has developed this guidance for candidates based on its nationally-representative polling of more than 22,000 UK adults and 14 focus groups.

Guide to R&D on the Doorstep

Download CaSE’s guide to support your advocacy for R&D during the General Election campaign and into the next Parliament

Download the Guide

Why talk to constituents about R&D? 

There is strong public appetite for both conversations about R&D and actions to support it

70% would support their MP campaigning for more R&D jobs in their area 

63% Would like to vote for someone who will support R&D in the UK

70% would support their MP voting in Parliament in favour of decisions that support R&D in the UK 

72% would support their MP creating a new scheme for local school children to visit research centres

76% would support their MP campaigning for their nearest NHS hospital to host more clinical trials

The UK public think that…

How can you help R&D in the UK thrive?

Speak to local residents and start a conversation about what R&D means for your area 

Engage with research organisations in your area to see R&D in action – this could be visiting be an R&D business, a research centre or a university 

Commit to supporting R&D in the next Parliament 

How can you support R&D in the next Parliament? 

We are calling on the new MPs to help champion R&D in the next Parliament by supporting CaSE’s manifesto asks, to: 

  • Commit to long-term and sustainable R&D investment 
  • Unlock skills for a more research-intensive economy 
  • Build on and leverage regional strengths in R&D 
  • Drive business investment in R&D