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People's Vision for R&D

The Discovery Decade project is seeking to drive a behaviour change in how the sector advocates for R&D. To support this, we are carrying out a public dialogue exercise to strengthen the Discovery Decade programme’s public attitudes research, which will explore society’s stake in UK research.

A public dialogue to explore society’s stake in UK research

CaSE has commissioned the National Centre for Social Research and the National Coordinating Centre Public Engagement to deliver the public dialogue exercise. This will explore the extent to which members of the public feel agency and ownership in the UK’s research system; what could change to increase that agency and ownership; and how this could contribute to a society-centred vision for R&D. 

People's Vision for R&D: Latest Report

To support our dialogue exercise, CaSE, working with NatCen and NCCPE, held five workshops across the UK to bring together 50 organisations from different sectors, disciplines and places to understand what those working in the UK research system think are the benefits of – and the barriers to – increasing public involvement and engagement in R&D, and explore the solutions and trade-offs we should consider if we are to develop a truly society-centred, long-term vision for R&D in the UK.

This report summarises what we’ve heard, all of which will inform the materials for the public discussions in May.

Expert Group

To help CaSE successfully deliver the project, we are being advised by a group of experts drawn from across the research system. Meet the group here.

Introducing the Project

The public dialogue exercise was officially launched in November 2023. You can read the announcement here.

Request for Proposals

In August, we tendered for a supplier to deliver the public dialogue exercise. You can read the archived request for proposals here.