CaSE was launched in 2005 evolving out of its predecessor Save British Science (SBS).

Save British Science was founded in 1986 by a group of scientists at the University of Oxford frustrated by ongoing spending cuts to the UK science budget. Led by Dr John Mulvey, Professor Denis Noble, and Professor Joe Lamb, it was decided to buy an advertisement in The Times as a direct message, urging the Government to ‘Save British Science’.

'Save British Science' advert, The Times, January 1986

The request for funds was spread via colleagues across the scientific community nationwide and the response was overwhelming. Within a few weeks nearly 1,500 contributors, including over 100 Fellows of the Royal Society and British Nobel prize winners, had sent more than twice the sum needed. The advertisement appeared in The Times on 13th January 1986, and the balance of the money raised was used to found Save British Science, taking as its name the title of the advertisement.

In its early years, SBS was run by a small secretariat led by Professor Lamb (Chair) and Dr Mulvey (Executive Secretary and Director). Its membership has since expanded to include a diverse number of businesses, universities, learned & professional organisations, and research charities from across the science and engineering sector.

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