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CaSE launches new 2022-2029 strategy

24 May 2022

CaSE launches our new strategy for 2022-2029

Today CaSE launches our new strategy for 2022-2029. As CaSE continues to move from strength to strength, this 7 year strategy sets out CaSE’s purpose and priorities that will support and guide the organisation over that time. 

Professor Sarah Main, the Executive Director of CaSE said:

‘I’m delighted to launch CaSE’s new strategy for 2022-29. CaSE has embedded public benefit at the heart of its strategy, reflecting an ongoing transition in our work and challenging us to go further in the future. The ‘R&D decade’ we are in now presents exciting opportunities for the UK, society and individuals. At CaSE, we want to work with our members, partners and the public to support its success and delivery in a way that tangibly improves people’s lives and livelihoods.

CaSE is already a purposeful and effective organisation. This strategy will drive us to go further and faster to put science and engineering at the heart of the UK’s future. ‘

Dr Robert Sorrell, the Chair of CaSE’s board of trustees said:

‘The launch of the CaSE strategy follows a 12-month process of co-development involving the trustees and the CaSE team.  It comes at a time when science and engineering is increasingly being called upon to develop innovative solutions to the challenges the world faces. 

CaSE’s latest strategy builds on its core role in advocating for investment in UK R&D while also reflecting on what this investment can create and enable for the public.  You will see this messaging reflected in the way we talk about the new strategy.  It comes from a commitment to advocating for growing investment in R&D while seeking to ensure the UK continues to benefit from the amazing science base it has.’

As we work to implement our new strategy, we look forward to engaging with our members and collaborators to deliver on our objectives to support science and engineering in the UK.

Download the full strategy