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CaSE welcomes the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute as new members

18 Aug 2016

CaSE is pleased to announce that the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute has joined as a new member

The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute is one of the premier centres of genomic discovery and understanding in the world. It leads ambitious collaborations across the globe to provide the foundations for further research and transformative healthcare innovations. Its success is founded on the expertise and knowledge of its people and the Institute seeks to share its discoveries and techniques with the next generation of genomics scientists and researchers worldwide.

Julia Wilson, Associate Director at the Sanger Institute said:

“The Sanger Institute recognises CaSE’s long-standing advocacy for science and engineering in order to benefit UK society. CaSE’s belief in the economic and societal importance of science and engineering strongly aligns with the Sanger Institute’s mission to use genome sequences and biodata to improve health and the Institute is delighted to become a member of CaSE. 

As the European home of the Human Genome Project, the Sanger Institute is a world leader in innovative genome research and aims to deliver new insights into human and pathogen biology that change the course of biology and medicine. We are committed to the principles of open access research, and share our resources and data with the global scientific community. We are looking forward to working with CaSE to continue strengthening support for genomics and UK science. “

Dr Sarah Main, Executive Director at CaSE said:

“I am thrilled to welcome the Sanger Institute to CaSE. The Sanger is a beacon of excellence in genomics in the world, setting the standards for others to follow and leading the open approach to research that multiplies benefits to society. They will enrich the voice of CaSE, allowing us to better illustrate the profound connections between world-leading research and healthier, happier lives. I hope that, through CaSE, the Sanger will enjoy a closer engagement with Government on a broad platform for science and engineering, and I know that their voice will strengthen ours.”

As we face this new challenging political environment, CaSE is keen to ensure it reflects the need of the whole science, technology, engineering and mathematics community to the new Government.

If you are interested in finding out more about organisational membership of CaSE please contact Sharleni Inbanathan.