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CaSE welcomes the Babraham Institute as members

15 Jun 2015

The Babraham Institute is a world-leading research centre performing fundamental cell and molecular biology research to underpin lifelong health and healthy ageing.

Located at the heart of the Babraham Research Campus, the Institute plays a key role within the Cambridge bioscience cluster. The Institute also works closely with a range of industrial partners through research collaborations to explore commercial translation of its research.

On becoming a member of CaSE, Babraham Institute Director, Professor Michael Wakelam, said:

“We are pleased to become part of the CaSE community to demonstrate the value of science in the UK. Basic research is essential; it feeds the life science industry and ultimately impacts on all our lives.

We cannot keep on doing more with less. That’s why continued investment in research is so important to ensure that we continue to make those discoveries that make us not only global leaders in knowledge but pave the way for innovation.”

Acting Director Naomi Weir says:

“We are extremely pleased to welcome the Babraham Institute as an organisational member of CaSE. As we look ahead to the Government’s spending review, we will work with the Institute along with our wider membership to convey a strong, united, evidence-based case for greater, sustained investment in science and engineering. We look forward to working with the Institute, who are a valuable example of how fundamental science is being translated into living-saving discoveries and treatments.”

CaSE are keen to ensure the needs of the whole science and engineering community are being heard at the highest levels of government.