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The National Measurement Laboratory join CaSE

19 Aug 2020

The National Measurement Laboratory, hosted at LGC, have added their voice to CaSE’s growing organisational membership.

Commenting on the announcement, Henry Gates, Membership Engagement and Development Manager, CaSE:

“We’re delighted to welcome the National Measurement Laboratory as the latest organisation to join the Campaign for Science and Engineering.

As the Covid-19 pandemic has so starkly made clear, a thriving science and innovation sector is crucial to tackling the global challenges of the future, driving prosperity and improving quality of life across the world. Measurement science is an incredibly important part of these endeaveurs, ensuring trust and confidence in the chemical and biological measurements that underpin the latest discoveries and successes.

We look forward to harnessing the expertise of the National Measurement Laboratory in informing our policy work and adding their voice to our diverse membership, towards the shared goal of ensuring this country has the skills, funding and policies to enable science and engineering to thrive.”

Dr Julian Braybrook, Director of Measurement Science, UK National Measurement Laboratory:

“We are entering a period where the contribution of research and innovation to boost the societal and economic benefits for the whole of the UK, and globally, is recognised as critical.

The National Measurement Laboratory at LGC is proud to join the Campaign for Science and Engineering to help maximise the support and understanding of how this may best be achieved.

We will share our national and international experiences with other CaSE members to help ensure the UK makes the best use of its unique capabilities and resources for the future benefit of all.”

About the National Measurement Laboratory 

The National Measurement Laboratory (NML), hosted at LGC, delivers underpinning chemical and bio-measurement science (metrology) for the UK as part of the UK National Measurement System (NMS).

Our state-of-the-art capabilities, including over 20 different types of mass spectrometer and a world-leading DNA Measurement Laboratory, allow us to address current and emerging measurement challenges, from isotope ratios through to cell characterisation and everything in-between. Our main site is based in Teddington, with additional locations in Cambridge and Strathclyde.

CaSE are keen to ensure the needs of the whole science and engineering community are being heard at the highest levels of government. If you are interested in finding out more about organisational membership of CaSE please contact our Membership Engagement and Development Manager Henry Gates.