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Immigration measures give cause for serious concern

06 Dec 2023

This week the Home Secretary, James Cleverly MP, proposed a series of measures aimed at reducing immigration into the UK. Included in these measures were plans to raise the minimum income level for skilled workers to £38,700.

“The Home Secretary’s immigration measures announced this week give cause for serious concern. Raising the salary threshold for skilled workers to a level above the average salaries for post-doctoral researchers and technicians in the UK is totally counterproductive to the Government’s ambitions of being a science superpower.

“While Global Talent Visas are not subject to the salary threshold, not all scientists and researchers are able to use this route to come to the UK. These proposed changes, combined with big increases in visa costs earlier this year, run the risk that the UK becomes a less and less attractive destination for the world’s brightest and best talent.”

Dr Daniel Rathbone
Interim Executive Director, CaSE